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SpectroServer SSDB not marked unclean upon Crash


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CA Spectrum


Recently we experienced an unclean SpectroServer shutdown due to a Reboot of the server. My expectation would have been that the SpectroServer SSDB is marked unclean and that SpectroServer refuses to start up.

For any reason the feature to mark a SpectroServer SSDB as unclean has been gone. The script simply removes the .VNMDB.LOCK file, when it does not find a running SpectroServer. Hence it is possible to start a SpectroServer with a broken SSDb.


bug in the code that does not check to see if the SSDB has been gracefully shutdown.


Release : / 21.2.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


This issue has been fixed out of the box in Spectrum 21.2.6 and higher.


If the SpectroSERVER database does not shutdown properly you should never attempt to restart it as database corruption is possible and may not be detected immediately causing data loss in the future.

Additional Information

Please follow this KB article for the proper way to restore a crashed SSdb.


How to restore crashed SSdb