O365 user Explore Correlate failed
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O365 user Explore Correlate failed


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


An error is occurring for completely deleted users while E&C an O365 user.

User 1: The user 123 is completely deleted in O365
User 2: The User 456 is in Deleted Users for O365. After 30 days this will be completely deleted from O365.
For the deleted user, it is returning the object, and for the completely deleted user, an error is thrown.






 when the user 123 is not there in O365 itself the IM should not search for the user during an explore.

The Explore in O365 is a two-way process

1) It acquires a list of UPN from O365 active and soft-deleted users.

2) Get details about all users collected in step 1.


So the execution of E&C should not overlap the permanent deletion run time otherwise step 2 may fail for some users and E&C will not finish properly.


A hotfix is available for this issue. Please refer to the DEFECT ticket

Additional Information

Reference: Defect DE529096


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