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CA Spectrum


We enable a cron job for every Saturday morning at 02:30 am to start a script, this works fine for most of our landscapes, however on a few landscapes we see that the script causes the ddmdb event table to crash when it starts the optimize.  This causes us to have to repair the database for these landscapes before we can start archive manager.


From the mysql.out file we can see that the table crashes exactly 2 seconds after the cron job starts the script.


2022-03-05T02:30:02.283753Z 275 [ERROR] /usr/Spectrum/mysql/bin//mysqld: Table './ddmdb/event' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed


A previous temp file event.TMD existed and was not removed.


Release : 21.2

Component :Spectrum Events DDMDB


As seen in the output of the script the temp file was already existing and therefore a new temp file could not be created.


Can't create new tempfile: './ddmdb/event.TMD'


Once this file was manually removed then the script works without any issues.