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Error : IXPSObjectV1::ValidateMetadataTag XPSSweeper crashes


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When running XPSSweeper command, this one crashes reporting the
following stack :

  Core was generated by `XPSSweeper'.
  Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
  #0  0x00007f6ec181d49b in IXPSObjectV1::ValidateMetadataTag(IXPSObjectV1 const*, char const*) const ()
     from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  (gdb) ------------BEGIN WHERE--------------
  (gdb) #0  0x00007f6ec181d49b in IXPSObjectV1::ValidateMetadataTag(IXPSObjectV1 const*, char const*) const ()
     from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #1  0x00007f6eb425b711 in CSmAgent::IsValid(XPSValidationHandler&) ()
     from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #2  0x00007f6ec18611aa in IXPSObjectV1::ValidateClass(IXPSDDClass const*, XPSValidationHandler&, bool&, ValidationIndexer*) const () from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #3  0x00007f6ec18b678c in IXPSObjectV1::Validate(XPSValidationHandler&, ValidationIndexer*) const ()
     from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #4  0x00007f6ec18bce14 in CXPSCache::ValidateObjects(ValidationIndexer&, ValidationMonitor&) ()
     from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #5  0x00007f6ec18bd34c in ValidateCache(ValidationMonitor&) () from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #6  0x00007f6e9c1a101d in RepairManager::runValidator() () from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #7  0x00007f6ec1853f2e in CXPSIO::CheckConsistency(SweeperOptions&, SweeperValidationMonitor*) ()
     from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #8  0x00007f6ec188fda8 in CXPSIO::Sweeper(SweeperOptions&, SweeperValidationMonitor*) ()
     from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #9  0x00007f6ec1f0d765 in XPSSweeper(int, char**) () from /opt/CA/siteminder/lib/
  #10 0x0000000000400849 in main ()
  (gdb) ------------END WHERE----------------




Upgrade Policy Server to 12.8SP7 when this one will be available.