Reporter Backup Configuration
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Reporter Backup Configuration


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Reporter-VA Reporter


Configuration backup of the reporter is successful however when browsing via FTP, ".settings.backups" folder is not visible.




1. Configuration backup is taken via CLI enable mode using the command "backup-settings". This command saves a backup of the Reporter configuration in the /.settings.backups/ file directory.

2. After executing the backup-settings command, you can use FTP or SCP to move backup files to and from the file directory using the FTP client tool.

3. The folder where backup files are saved is a HIDDEN folder.

4. To access it from the FTP client you will need to ensure that the FTP client is configured to show hidden files.

5. Once the FTP client is configured to show the hidden file, you should be able to browse the folder ".settings.backups" on the root directory of the Reporter server.