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ArcotID use case details


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We have a question regarding ArcotID usage, can it be used (remember me function realization on our side) without cookie or with cookie cleanup at exit (Chrome security rule)?


Release : 9.1.x

Component : Strong Authentication


ArcotID cookie can be stored in memory or in Hard drive so Yes the Remember Me function can be implemented for that. In Memory case the user has to go through the second factor to download the ArcotID every time and upon exiting the browser the cookie will be deleted. In case of HD storage it will work as if this is a Private computer and user can access the resource just by providing the password, no second factor will be needed. If the setting is to delete the cookie upon browser exit, in that case as well the user has to provide the second factor everytime to download the ArcotID on to the system and then can authenticate and access the resource.

Please note that if user uses In Private Browsing then the cookie can not be accessed from HD so it will always require second factor.