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Explanation of error "jobStatusChanged() jobid: 4091395 does not exist parent is: 4091294 in pred tester sub-system"


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Applications Manager may throw the following error:

ErrorMsg: AwE-9999 Internal error (10/6/21, 2:01 PM)
Details: jobStatusChanged() jobid: 4226474 does not exist parent is: 4226473 in pred tester sub-system

The error does not cause any adverse effects and appear to be a warning message.

Why is this error occurring?


Release : 9.x



When there are a large number components in a Process Flow entering the Job Queue(Backlog), while the components get added to the Job Queue, parallelly, the parent of the components starts getting executed.

Before all components gets added to the predecessor testing system, parallelly, the Automation Engine triggers a status change which is coming from parent Job.

Since some components is not yet added to the Job Queue when this occurs, Applications Manager throws the warning message

"jobStatusChanged() jobid: 4226474 does not exist parent is: 4226473 in pred tester sub-system" and then adds the components to the predecessor testing system. 

This warning message causes no loss of functionality or data. 


Additional Information

Further review will taken to see if Development can reduce the severity of this log message in the future or at a minimum, remove it from appears as an RMI pop up error. AM-2636