SYSVIEW did not cancel a CICS task on ICWAIT
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SYSVIEW did not cancel a CICS task on ICWAIT


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We noticed a task that crossed the lifetime threshold of 2min was not cancelled successful by SYSVIEW.

It was reporting below messages and was later abended  on AICG abend after 8mins.


From the CICS logs :

2022/02/01 03:43:45.007531 GSVC101I GSVCSDCS has issued a CANCEL for the transaction TRAN  75683 C1CREGN
2022/02/01 03:43:45.007537 GSVC102I CANCEL Tran TRAN Task  75683 WaitType ICWAIT WaitName * Jobname CICREGN
2022/02/01 03:43:51.293532 GSVC118W TRAN dump AICG 1/0008 Tran TRAN  75683 Program IACFIAPI Term * Userid USERID AbCode *
2022/02/01 03:44:00.194593 GSVC157I Tran TRAN Task  75683 to be cancelled by threshold. Jobname = Metric LIFETIME Rsce1 >GRPP30 Rsce2 = CanLimit 00:02:00 Policy=00441D00

These messages repeated themselves every 15 seconds for approximately 6 minutes until an actual User cancelled the transaction 


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


We reviewed the program related to IACQ and noticed that it has a handle abend and we believe that CICS never got a chance to purge the task as it was under the handle abend processing.
This application had a very extensive error logging and additional criteria's within the handle abend para.
I also tested sysview with a tran on ICWAIT and can confirm sysview purge worked as expected in our environment.

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