Isolation not working after upgrade to chrome v95 and later
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Isolation not working after upgrade to chrome v95 and later


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Web Isolation


Our company began to upgrade the Chrome version from v92 to v95.

For users upgrading to v95; isolation is not working anymore. v92 is still working as usual.

The sysmptoms are either a blank page or a Symantec error page with: "The webpage could not be isolated.".

loading the page with fgdiag, "Client Ressources fetch" is in red with "The webpage could not be isolated." in the Details.


For the reported issue with failed isolation of all web pages, with CHrome version 95 and later, the issue was caused by the "enabled" state checked in the advanced settings on the gateway.

With Chrome version 95 and later, there appear to have been additional restrictions built-in which would impact adversely on traffic redirection, when the gateway is configured in portal mode. With portal mode, the traffic would attempt to go direct to the TIE, rather than go through the Proxy. This would trigger the error below, ith the browser.

The errors are:
"_error": "net::ERR_ABORTED"

 "response": {
          "status": 500,
          "statusText": "Internal Server Error",
          "httpVersion": "HTTP/1.1",
          "headers": [


Disable "Portal" mode in the Gateway Advanced settings. This mode should be disabled by default. See the snippet below.