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17.2 to 17.3 RU12 best practice for upgrade path


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


 In the past when we have upgraded to a new major or minor version, we did the upgrade in rounds. For example, for a 17.2 installation,  I would upgrade all servers to 17.3, verify everything started correctly and works, then apply the to all servers. Is that the correct method, or is it better to upgrade the instllation all the way to final desired level (in this case ?


Release : 17.2

Component : SDM - Install/Upgrade/Configuration


We recommend incremental approach--for example, upgrade to 17.3 GA and verify major functionalities work fine and then upgrade to RU12. The reason for this incremental approach is easy troubleshooting--for example, if you upgrade to 17.3 and then immediately install RU12 and if you have some major issues, we won't know which upgrade brought the issues and rolling back will roll all the way back to 17.2, which take us back to square one.