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OI - Maintenance window history not available


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We have scheduled multiple "Maintenance windows" from the OI settings link but are not able to view the previous history.

This is happening for multiple users, is this feature is not available for these users? How can we enable this feature or get the list of previous maintenance? Can only Super admins can view this?

If this feature is not available, do you have plans to make this available?

We are observing some discrepancies during the scheduled maintenance windows, even though maintenance was scheduled in AI Ops, it is still reporting alerts.  We would like to view the maintenance window history to check if the proper devices or time stamp was selected or not. Even to report the issue to the AI Ops Support team , we need the historical data.

We did this for the CASB product in SED. Screenshot attached shows there is no historical data.




Configuration Issue


Release : SAAS

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You can see past maintenance windows if going to the Maintenance Windows page.

Go to filter, select "Status" as filter criteria and "Completed" as value.