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Device Port is missing in Spectrum despite being active on the device


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Device Interface Port Gi1/0/1 is missing in Spectrum Interfaces tab and Interfaces list even though it exists on the device. Despite rediscovering/reconfiguring the device model, the port is still not listed under the device model's interface tab.


On the device in its MIB data, the IfAlias for the problem port (call it <Y>) is set as "connection to port <X>" whereby <X> is another port. So when the naming scheme for the port is uses the IfAlias, then it reads this as the other port it is connected to (i.e. port <X>) instead of <Y>.


DX NetOps Spectrum 20.2 or later


Set the following attribute on the Device model to 'No':

Use_If_Alias       0x11f80

And then reconfigure the device model