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Database Analyzer Extract procedure - Validity check failed


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Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Created an Extract procedure through the Database Analyzer panels with one TSO User-Id but I want to run it in Batch under a different TSO User-Id.  
It runs fine with the TSO User-Id that created the Extract procedure. But it failed with the following message when the Extract procedure is run in Batch under a different TSO User-Id.


Release : 20.0

Component : Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


This error message was caused by the PTIIPT 00 input control cards have been corrupted. Normally these control cards have fields that contain hex values but have been corrupted/converted to spaces (x'40'). In the PTIMSG DD output look at the section titled:               
"PTIIPT input control cards:" to see the vertical hex values from the execution that failed and another Extract that worked.   
This usually happens when someone has edited the Batch Extract Job and saved it with CAPS ON.  User needs to make sure CAPS is OFF. Another known scenario is a windows cut-and-paste which will only copy characters that are "visible" to the clipboard as the spaces can be.   
The Batch Extract JCL has to be regenerated to rebuild the Database Analyzer batch hex control cards, then submit the Job again and it should run successfully.