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Pingable Devices Are Deleted/Removed Automatically from CA Spectrum OC Console when discovering a SNMP device


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CA Spectrum


Pingable Devices Are Deleted/Removed Automatically from OneClick Console when discovering a SNMP device.



This is working as per design

Spectrum considers a model as a duplicate model if any existing models found both the IP and MAC address are same OR match only IP address that doesn't have the MAC address(empty) then it considered them as a duplicate model and destroyed using destroyDupMdls() API after the creation of SNMP device model. 


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Discovery


This deletion is happening because of the attribute Disposable Precedence

The Main SNMP Device is having precedence of 10

The pingable device has a precedence of 5

So when we are rediscovering the SNMP Device if the pingable device has a lesser precedence then it will delete

So the logic is if there is already another model present with same IP and MAC or same IP with MAC address Blank then to avoid model duplicity either it will delete the less precedence model or if the precedence is high then the new device will not be discovered until the old model deleted.