How To: Deploy Artifacts
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How To: Deploy Artifacts


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


We would like to deploy artifacts. We have the artifact created. Now what? 


Release : 6.7

Component : CA RELEASE AUTOMATION Data Management SERVER


Steps for deploying an artifact:

  1. Create a new artifact type and artifact definition. Be sure to assign the artifact definition to a server type and component. This makes the "Artifacts" parameter folder  available to the component(s). Under the "Artifacts" parameter folder you will find a "Collect Element" parameter for each Artifact Type that has been mapped to this component. 
  2. Create a new artifact version under the artifact definition.
  3. Created a flow in the component associated in step 1.
  4. Configure the new flow "Loop Type" to use "COLLECTION".
  5. Then, set it's "Loop Folder" input field to use the artifact type's collection element. This is used so that the parameters under the collection element, like artifact file, know which artifact it should reference. 
  6. Create a new "Copy Files or Folders" action. In the "Source Path" input field specify the "Artifact File" parameter from the artifact type's collection element. This is a temporary reference to the artifact file (placed in a temporary folder in the agent's directory) that gets deleted when the deployment completes. Specify a destination for file. This expects a reference to the filename - not just a folder.
  7. Add the action to the flow.
  8. Add the flow to a process and publish the process.
  9. Create an artifact package. Assign the artifact version (created in step 2) to the artifact package. 
  10. Create a new deployment plan and add the artifact package to the plan
  11. Run the deployment plan. 
  12. The artifact file will deploy the artifact file to the destination specified by the Copy File action created in step 6.