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Workflow cannot be saved, not able to see why - lower case alias


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


When a workflow task has an alias with characters not allowed (lowercase letters, !, etc...), clicking off of the task and trying to save the workflow will not allow it to be saved, but there is no message or indication as to where the issue occurs.

1) Create script or job - something that can go in WF
2) Create WF - add more than one object into it
3) Go to Properties on of the tasks in the WF, go to General tab, put in lower case alias or mixed case
4) Save the WF - notice that a warning sign shows on Workflow tab of WF (no tooltip), General tab of task properties (tooltip: Input data is not valid), next to Alias (tooltip: Only these characters are allowed: A-Z, 0-9, and $ @ _ -. #)
5) Go to Properties of a different task in WF - change something
6) Save WF

Expected behavior:
Either an error popup stating that alias cannot be lowercase or alias has incorrect characters in it
OR something indicating that the task where alias was changed is the one that is causing this not to be changed

Actual behavior:
Workflow does not save, but there is nothing pointing to why it won't save


This is behavior as designed, lower case letters are allowed in aliases as of 12.3.8 and 21.0.2


Release : 12.3.8



The lack of detailed warning messages works as designed. With 12.3.8 and 21.0.2, it is now possible to also include lowercase letters in aliases, because when referencing a variable, the key can also have small characters - \{VARA.SOMETHING,'key',1} , so the previous 'auto-convert' was wrong at this step.  There is no warning message and that is working correctly in this setup.  An enhancement can be put in at