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Roadmap Target decimal separator


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Targets in Roadmap item Grid view display incorrect values for Spanish users (or any other language that uses a "," as a decimal separator instead of ".")
when you try to modify a target in the GRID view, the decimal separator is automatically changed to "."


1. Log into Clarity Modern UX with a user having Clarity language and Local set to Spanish
2. Create and open a Roadmap item, Import a couple of Projects into the Roadmap Item. Switch to the 'Grid' view to display the Grid list
3. Click to 'View Options' icon and select 'Operating Cost' for 'Targets' attribute. Also select two decimal option for both 'Money' and 'Number'
4. Enter a value in the Target (Operating Cost) eg: 15,93
5. Now click click on editor icon to display the Target value in edit mode and click away from it.


Expected: Target value to remain as 15,93 

Actual Results: Target value changes to 1.593,00


Originally logged as defect id: DE64326


Release : 16.0

Component : Clarity Project Management


From Clarity version 16.0.1 we do not allow decimals to be entered in Target Widgets .