How do I enable the AAI Subscription API?
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How do I enable the AAI Subscription API?


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How do I enable the AAI Subscription API?


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1. Subscribe to subscriptions you wish to receive via the Swagger JAWS Subscriptions page.

http://<aai hostname>:8080/subscriptionService/swagger-ui.html#/

For example: if you  want to subscribe to AAI Alerts you can use POST/subscription/alerts and you would use your API End Point that would be receiving the subscription alerts.



2. Enable subscription.* parameters in the Configuration tool for the subscriptions you wish to receive.

     For example: For Alerts enable the subscriptions.publishAlerts parameter.


3.  Set the SubscriptionService logger to DEBUG.


4. You can verify the subscriptions are being sent by reviewing the subscriptions.log in the /<Install Dir>/jboss/standalone/log directory.



Additional Information

For more information about the subscription API please see our online documentation:

REST API Specification for Subscription Services


Please note: If we dont find com.termalabs.subscriptions.SubscriptionService in all loggers then do the following steps.

 We can select "Add by name"

copy paste the following into the box com.termalabs.subscriptions.SubscriptionService

Then you can set the level as debug.