Process Engines do not distribute the amount of processes evenly
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Process Engines do not distribute the amount of processes evenly


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Going in Process Engines page, if more than 1 process engine is used, the load of Active Processes and Completed Processes is not equal between the BG services / Process Engines

BG services will not distribute the load equally between two BG process engines, does this mean there is a problem?


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This is working as designed.

  • BG will pick up the processes in "greedy" biased way, taking any work coming their way. So if the BG service thinks it has the capacity to deal with the processes it will pick them up as they come.
  • Whilst the BG will distribute some work in self balanced way, it's not load balanced distributed.
  • It is normal and expected for one of the BGs to have more processes than the other and not have a similar amount of processes since it's not load balanced distributed.
  • Typically the first BG to start up would grab all of the existing processes.
  • If the BG instance is not updating the heartbeat or comes down with an outage,  then the other one would pick up some or most of the load that is not taken care of.
  • If this situation does not arise, then old processes will stay assigned as they are at startup, and only new processes will start being picked up by both.


Since this is by design, Broadcom Support recommends to ignore any process load differences as this is not considered to be a technical issue.

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