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CA Virtual Network Assurance


Trying to install VNA 21.2.8 but we are getting the following error: 

Please enter an absolute path to install (default install folder /opt/CA)>
chown: invalid user: ‘wildfly’
su: user wildfly does not exist
Error: Insufficient permissions for installation path: /ca/VNA
Path must have executable permission for 'other'.
Exiting the installer...
A problem occurred during installation (install directory not deleted). Backing up to /ca/software/CA_VNA_Install_bak

We are trying to install the VNa on the following directory: /ca/VNA

drwxr-xr-x    4 root root   33 Mar  7 11:53 ca
drwxr-xr-x   2 root root    6 Mar  7 12:22 VNA



not using the default install path


Release : 21.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


Please follow the below steps as workaround to address the upgrade issue with custom install path.


 Before you start the install first create wildfly

  1. useradd wildfly
  2. Launch VNA Installer
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Terminate the process using CTRL+C at  the below prompt.

Please enter an absolute path to install (default install folder /opt/CA)>

  1. CA_VNA_Install_bak folder and files will be created the location from where the installer is launched

Ex: /opt/CA_VNA_Install_bak (Assuming VNAInstaller.txe was launched from /opt

  1. Goto /opt/CA_VNA_Install_bak/install_modules and update as mentioned below.


    1. Add below lines after VNA_KEYSTORE_BACKUP_FILE key value pair (i.e., after Line 40)

JBOSS_CLI="$WILDFLY_DIR/bin/ --connect"



refer attached vars.txt  


  1. Rename the folder CA_VNA_Install_bak to CA_VNA_Install

cd /opt
mv CA_VNA_Install_bak CA_VNA_Install 

  1. Run script from /opt




1647018139691__vars.txt get_app