Recommended user for running Infra Agent with sysedge enabled


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DX Application Performance Management


What is the recommended way to install and run the  APM Infrastructure Agent with HostMonitor (sysedge) extension for Unix/Linux wrt to user and permissions? An example would be using non root user.


Release : SAAS

Component : APM Power Packs


1- APMIA with host monitor (SystemEDGE) enabled must be installed as root and must run as root.

2- You can create a privileged separation user for SystemEDGE.
It is just a standard user that can do some network related calls/SNMP communication etc (This is for the network portion only of SystemEDGE).

3- For the privilege separation user configuration.
./ install
useradd iauser
vi ../apmia/SystemEDGE/config/port1691/
Add/adjust this line: "privilege_separation_user iauser"
./ restart