Upgrade did not update database with new version


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


The NFA harvester upgrade was run without giving errors. However, after the upgrade the revision_history table in mysql did not reflect the new version:

mysql harvester -u root -p <password>

select * from revision_history;


When we checked the migrator\migrator.log file, it did not contain any new entries at all.


Usually this is caused by a lack of Administrator privileges when running the installer. Make sure the install binaries are run with right-click "Run As Administrator."


Release :NFA Any versions

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Before proceeding, make sure that there were no errors in the MySQL Upgrade Logs. If there were MySQL upgrade errors, see:

Upgrade to 21.2.8 MySQL Upgrade Error (broadcom.com)




We can re-run the installer from an Administrator command line by running:

x:\CA\NFA\migrator\runMigrator.vbs  (Substitute your own install path)



Open x:\NFA\migrator\migrator.log and make sure the migrator exits with a code of 0.

After the install is successful, make sure to move the console_movie.xml or collector_movie.xml file out of the D:\CA\NFA directory into the migrator folder and rename it.