CLI run-deployment-plan validation errors
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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


We are using the CLI to execute a deployment using the command:

./ run-deployment-plan --app <AppName> --build <NewBuild#> --deployment-plan <NameOfNewDeployPlan> --deployment-template <NameOfDeployTemplate> --environments {<NameOfEnv>} --template-category <NameOfDeploymentTemplateCategory> --deployment <NameOfNewDeployment> --project <NameOfProject> --user <Nolio User> -password <Nolio Users Pass> -ds None


This produces the error: 

executing run-deployment-plan
deployment plan status: Stage [id=10] [type=INIT_RELEASE_CANDIDATE] has validation errors:
 {ProblemsOwner{type=MODULE, id=11}=[RCMessageData{msgCode=MessagesCodes{name=deploymentParameterHasNoValue, code=110, messageType=DESIGN, level=ERROR}, args=[PPC, RunPrePlanCommand/Server Type 1/Test/my-EnvVar]}, RCMessageData{msgCode=MessagesCodes{name=deploymentParameterHasNoValue, code=110, messageType=DESIGN, level=ERROR}, args=[PPC, RunPrePlanCommand/Server Type 1/Test/my-EnvVar2]}]}



Release : 6.7



This is a validation check that happens before the Deployment Plan can be created. The validation check is done specifically on the PrePlan step. This prevents the Deployment Plan from being created. Manually trying to create a Deployment Plan from the UI using this same Deployment Template, is expected to fail. 


This error can/will happen when the Pre-Plan is using an environment parameter that has not been configured. 


Pre-plans are specifically added pointing to a specific environment. Pre-plans will always execute against the environment specified when adding the Pre-Plan step. It does not execute on/in the environment that the PreDeploy and Deploy phases execute against. 



To find/set the environment parameter:

  • Navigate to the Deployment Template
  • Go to "Initialization Steps" tab and click on the "Pre-Plan Step".
  • This will open a view that shows the "Template Categories > <DeploymentTemplateName> > <PRE-PLAN STEP NAME> " in a breadcrumb like path/format in the upper left corner of the screen.  Just below that is a Pencil/Edit icon.
  • Select the "Server Type" on the left and then click on the "Environment Parameters" tab on the right. 
  • Navigate through the appropriate folders (if any are shown). 
  • Set the values for the environment parameters.
  • Run the CLI again and issue should be solved.