PANVALET is printing out hundreds of CAS9182A notifications
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PANVALET is printing out hundreds of CAS9182A notifications


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Two Broadcom Panvalet keys (X7 & X9)  expire at the end of the month and are kicking out messages to the users (“Licensing issue:  CAS9182A - WRNNG: LMP KEY PROD (X7)  EXPIRES IN 029 DAYS and is causing the CCS module locator ISPF function to hang”), which is not necessarily a new thing.  The problem is that these particular products are kicking out HUNDREDS of messages at a time.  Users get the alert popping up on their screens, and literally have to press “enter” something like 180 times to clear the message.

Is there any option that can suppress these messages?   


Release : 14.6

Component : Panvalet


There is no way to suppress the CAS9182A messages. The only way to eliminate them is to get new LMP keys.

Open a Global Customer Assistance case on the Broadcom Support portal ;

                 Product is Licensing-CA ; Product Release is 1.0


Someone from the GCA team will be able to provide new LMP keys and instructions on how to install them.