What metrics can we expect to see from Performance Management via OIConnector into DX SAAS?
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What metrics can we expect to see from Performance Management via OIConnector into DX SAAS?


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Now seeing metrics from PM in DX SaaS via OI Connector.

I have some follow-up questions:

- What metrics should we expect to see from the connectors?
- We expect to get metrics associated with the device, but we're seeing only a subset.  
- We need to see where the cutoff line is and how its choosing the metrics
- Can we customize to add more metrics that are important to us?
- Can we add remote access activity?


Release : SAAS



You need to create a new bean in the configuration for the family and then reference that bean.  Out of the box, we have the beans setup for the families supported by default.  But you can wire in new ones for additional metric family support.

 <bean id="pmMetricFamilyFilters" class="com.ca.im.oinet.connector.sources.kafka.dao.PMMetricFamilyFilters">
        <constructor-arg index="0">
            <map value-type="java.lang.String">
                <entry key="NormalizedAvailabilityInfo">
                    <ref bean="availability"/>
                <entry key="NormalizedReachabilityInfo">
                    <ref bean="reachability"/>
                <entry key="NormalizedPortInfo">
                    <ref bean="port"/>
                <entry key="NormalizedCPUInfo">
                    <ref bean="cpu"/>
                <entry key="NormalizedMemoryInfo">
                    <ref bean="memory"/>

So for this additional metric family, you would want to add another <entry> to that pmMetricFamilyFilters bean:

<entry key="Normalized....">
      <ref bean="newbeanname" - choose something />

Then you need to define "newbeanname" below.

    <bean id="newbeanname" class="com.ca.im.oinet.connector.sources.kafka.dao.PMMetricFamilyFilter">
        <constructor-arg index="0"><value>metric_family_name</value></constructor-arg>
        <constructor-arg index="1"><value>{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}</value></constructor-arg>

The above would specify that all metrics in metric_family_name be exported

If wanting to limit the metrics that are reported from the family, you can do that too.  For example - here we are limiting the port/interface metric family to just the 7 or 8 specified:

   <bean id="port" class="com.ca.im.oinet.connector.sources.kafka.dao.PMMetricFamilyFilter">
        <constructor-arg index="0"><value>port</value></constructor-arg>
        <constructor-arg index="1"><value>{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}</value></constructor-arg>
        <property name="metricIncludeFilters">


The addition of the "metricIncludeFilters" property is what lets you specific a specific list of metrics from the family to export.  Without that property, it will export all metrics in the family.