Export to PDF fails in Modern UX
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Export to PDF fails in Modern UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Export to PDF fails in Modern UX when Clarity is configured with self sign certificate or restricted SS , the impacted modules can be  Roadmap, Status Report etc 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Set up a clarity system and configure server with self sign certificate only 
  2. Create a roadmap and import project/idea
  3. Navigate to Timeline view and from action item menu click on Export to PDF 

Expected Results: The timeline view should be exported to PDF 

Actual Results: The export to PDF doesn't happen and at the same time errors are seen in app ca log 

ERROR 2022-03-10 12:51:56,196 [https-jsse-nio2-443-exec-8] playwright.PWPooledObject (clarity:admin:%sessionid%:PPM_REST_API) Playwright error during export
com.microsoft.playwright.PlaywrightException: Error {
  message='net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID at https://server.com/pm/#/roadmap/5000000/common/timeline?print=true
=========================== logs ===========================
navigating to "http(s)://server.com/pm/#/project/{{id}}/status/{{id}}?print=true", waiting until "load"
  stack='Error: net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID at http(s)://server.com/pm/#/project/{{id}}/status/{{id}}?print=true
=========================== logs ===========================
navigating to "http(s)://server.com/pm/#/project/{{id}}/status/{{id}}?print=true", waiting until "load"
    at FrameSession._navigate (/app/clarity1/tomcat-app-deploy/temp/playwright-java-15607966975214257235/package/lib/server/chromium/crPage.js:599:35)
    at async /app/clarity1/tomcat-app-deploy/temp/playwright-java-15607966975214257235/package/lib/server/frames.js:622:30
    at async ProgressController.run (/app/clarity1/tomcat-app-deploy/temp/playwright-java-15607966975214257235/package/lib/server/progress.js:89:22)
    at async FrameDispatcher.goto (/app/clarity1/tomcat-app-deploy/temp/playwright-java-15607966975214257235/package/lib/dispatchers/frameDispatcher.js:79:59)
    at async DispatcherConnection.dispatch (/app/clarity1/tomcat-app-deploy/temp/playwright-java-15607966975214257235/package/lib/dispatchers/dispatcher.js:330:22)
 at com.microsoft.playwright.impl.WaitableResult.get(WaitableResult.java:54)



Release : 16.x







  • Use a public signed certificate 
  • Populate the internalURL as documented 
    • <webServer schedulerUrl="" capaUrl="" internalUrl="http://xx.xxx.xxx.xxx" sessionTimeout="" tenantTimeout="1440" sslType="implied" enableBroker="false">
  • Prior to 16.1.1 below workaround can help  - A new system option is introduced which by default be disabled (with value '0'). When this option is enabled, we send a flag to playwright which intern sends a flag to Chrome to indicate ignore HTTPS errors. Hence any customer (On Premise)  using self sign certificate will get the error by default and explicitly need to enable the option and below steps to be followed 
    • Stop all the clarity services 
    • Navigate to clarity_home\bin directory and run the below command 
      • admin system-options -add PLAYWRIGHT_IGNORE_HTTPS_ERRS 1 -force 
    • Restart clarity services and now all the http errors will be ignored 


Additional Information


  • This issue can also affect export to pdf in status report as that also uses playwright 
  • Broadcom recommends to use public signed certificates as enabling to ignore http error will ignore all http error and not just for module where playwright is used like Status Report, Roadmaps etc