FAQS/PCS how to control update PDS member
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FAQS/PCS how to control update PDS member


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation



z/VSE 6.2, FAQS/ASO/PCS 5.1


Query with regards to the PDS Editor. Is there any way to lock a particular member if someone is trying to Edit it? With this we can ensure that the PDS member is updated accordingly and prevent some conflict when 2 or more people are trying to edit the same JCL. 



Release : 5.1

Component : FAQS Automated Systems Operation for z/VSE


Pds Editor does not have that functionality, you would need to use an editor like Ca Vollie.

 You can create security rules to limit access,  suggest to try it with PCS Event Security Rules.
 From FAQS console screen, enter PCS
 from this screen select S (Security)
 from this screen select E (Event Security).
 Now the PCS Event Security Rules can be defined.