List of MCS Error and Status Codes - UIM Operator Console
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List of MCS Error and Status Codes - UIM Operator Console


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What are the possible states of MCS 'devices,' e.g., new, unavailable, modified, modified_temp, error etc., and what do they mean/indicate?


- UIM/Operator Console (OC) 20.3 or higher


- MCS Troubleshooting


Please find the list of MCS Error and Status Codes attached to this KB Article as a PDF.

Additionally, some helpful MCS troubleshooting queries are listed below:

--List all devices in that are not in "OK" state

select * from SSRV2Device where status <> 'ok';

--Query for devices with 'No Profiles added'

select * from (

select CASE WHEN p1.cs_id IS NULL then '0' else p1.cs_id end as NO_PROFILES ,m1.cs_id as All_DEVICES from ssrv2profile p1

right join CM_GROUP_MEMBER m1

on m1.cs_id=p1.cs_id

where m1.grp_id=36 --change group ID here

) as main where main.NO_PROFILES=0;

--Find out status of a device

select * from ssrv2device where  name='<hostname>';

--Find profile of device

select * from ssrv2profile where cs_id=909;

--Find status of profile

select * from ssrv2profile where profileid=19251;

--Devices with Error Profiles--

select * from SSRV2Device

   where cs_id IN (select distinct(cs_id) from ssrv2profile

   where ancestorprofile IN (select profileId from ssrv2profile where group_id IN (56,58)) AND status <> 'OK') 

select * from SSRV2Profile where cs_id in (select cs_id from CM_GROUP_MEMBER t2 where grp_id=58) and status='error';

select * from CM_GROUP_MEMBER

--Find CM_Group_ID

select name,cm_group_id from SSRV2DeviceGroup;

--Find  the number of devices for which the profile deployment has failed:

select * ssrv2profile where ancestorprofile=<group profile id> where status ='error'

-- Check the ssrv2audittrail table to understand the reason for the failure.

Find the cs_id and profile ID from the above query.

--Use the following query to review the reason

select * from ssrv2audittrail where objectid=<profileid>

-- The result specifies the reason for the failure.
-- Some possible reasons are probe deployment deferred, profile deployment deferred.
-- For such reasons, check the robot status. It is possible that there is a communication error or the robot is down.
-- Use the following query to get the device information
select * from cm_device where cs_id=<device cs_id>

select name from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where cs_id IN (select cs_id from SSRV2profile where status = 'error') 

--The following query will also find "problematic" profiles and will also provide the latest MCS audit trail message for these profiles in the outputs generated 

SELECT, b.cs_id, b.status, b.profileid, b.ancestorprofile,, a.timestamp, a.objectname, a.objectvalue, a.action
FROM SSRV2AuditTrail a
JOIN SSRV2Profile b
ON a.objectid = b.profileId JOIN (SELECT objectid, max(id) AS id
FROM SSRV2AuditTrail
GROUP BY objectid) c
ON = AND a.objectid = c.objectid JOIN CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM ccs
ON b.cs_id = ccs.cs_id
WHERE b.status NOT IN ('ok', 'new', 'suspended')
ORDER BY name;


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