Recovery of a deleted CA Dispatch report base definition
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Recovery of a deleted CA Dispatch report base definition


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


Is there a way to recover an accidentally deleted CA Dispatch report base definition?


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User mistake.

The report base definition is stored in the CA Dispatch "your.hlq.RD" database file.


If a "report base definition" was deleted from the CA Dispatch database, there would basically be two options for recovery: 

Option 1. Selectively restore just the RD database file from a BACKUP of the RD file that still contains the deleted report definition. (NOTE - Any modifications that were made to the RD database file after the backup was taken would be lost). 

Option 2. With the CA Dispatch DATABASE LOAD/UNLOAD utility (DSEXLOD(L), you can take a picture of the database records and write them into an UNLOAD file. If you happened to have an UNLOAD file containing the TYPE 1 report base definition records (AND ALL RECORDS ASSOCIATED TO A TYPE 1), including the records for this deleted report definition, then in theory you could perform a database LOAD function to put the deleted records back into the database using this same utility.