ACF2 SMP/E CAX1XML installation dataset question.
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ACF2 SMP/E CAX1XML installation dataset question.


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ACF2 - z/OS


Why is the CAX1XML data is getting loaded with "PTFs" when applying the latest maintenance.   The PTFs members in CAX1XML  appear to be xml data but why are they bein moved there and is this normal? Maintenance applied now results in the CAX1XML file containing 732 members. It looks like it created a member for each ptf applied and some others (old ptfs maybe).

Applying ACF2 maintenance causing the CAX1XML dataset to run out of space or directory blocks.


Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


The ACF2 'PTF Analysis Capabilities to SYSVIEW' enhancement results in CAX1XML elements that contains metadata for all
published PTFs for ACF2. This enhancement is introduced with ACF2 apars LU03622, LU03623, LU03624, LU03625, LU03626, and LU03627      (CARS2201).

For details see 'PTF Analysis Capabilities to SYSVIEW (LU03622, LU03623, LU03624, LU03625, LU03626, LU03627) (CARS2201)' in the New Features section of the ACF2 documentation.