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Multiple OPTIONS API calls are seen in GCP SaaS  SSO environment


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Upon refresh after logout, many OPTIONS calls are made which may overwhelm the SSO connection rate limit and cause 429 Too Many Connections error


  1. Ensure that on your system you have added many custom Project sections on Project Properties page, including many attributes
  2. Open a Clarity - Classic UI tab
  3. Now open Modern UX in another tab
  4. Now open a Project in Modern UX tab using the same blueprint with many attributes on Properties tab <servername>/pm/#/project/5207353/details
  5. Go to Tasks subpage, In Modern UX tab, enable Dev Tools
  6. In Classic tab, hit Logout
  7. Go back to MUX tab, click on Properties


Expected Results: Users should be able able to be redirected to log out when the session is inactive without excessive OPTIONS calls

Actual Results: As the session is expired when the logout was trigged from the classic ux, users are logged out and lots of Options calls with 302 status and errors in the Dev Tools, which overwhelm the SSO rate limit and cause 429 Too Many Connections error in Okta


All Clarity releases till 16.0.2 


  • This is a defect DE64244, fixed in 16.0.2 and
  • Fixed also in prepatch 1, already applied to customers in SAAS