SYSVIEW_APPLICATION Environment variable definition
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SYSVIEW_APPLICATION Environment variable definition


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Configuring the Sysview JVM Data Collector. SYSVIEW_APPLICATION option is added to the JVM profile:


Then JVM server in the region is recycled, but the JVMLIST command still shows the default naming convention as below. 

Jobname      ASID  ASIType    AM Version    Mon    Application          
CICSAMOD 00B5  CICS       64 1.8.0_311 MON GSV_CICSAMOD_00020072


Release : 15.0 and 16.0
Component : SYSVIEW


The SYSVIEW_APPLICATION is not an applicable option, as it outlined in the "Options for the JVM Data Collector Agent" section of the SYSVIEW documentation:

Option : not applicable 
Environment Variable: SYSVIEW_APPLICATION
Default : GSV_jobname_pid


The Sysview JVM options can be normally specified in two ways: either as an option on the -agentpath statement or as its own environment variable.

However, as mentioned above, SYSVIEW_APPLICATION cannot be added onto the -agentpath statement and so it must be specified as its own environment variable. All options are defined in the JVM profile file for the CICS region. In this JVM profile file, environment variables can be specified by adding the environment variable on a new line.

In this case, to assign the JVM application name:

  1. The SYSVIEW_APPLICATION option must be removed from the -agentpath statement
  2. Then added as a new line in the JVM profile file

Here is how it will look like:


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