OPSVIEW 4.5.1: new PDS member not showing up in MSF
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OPSVIEW 4.5.1: new PDS member not showing up in MSF


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


It can happen that, after a new member has been created (with ISPF stats) in one of the local rules datasets, when the OPSVIEW 4.5.1 function is entered to display that new PDS(member) for the *LOCAL* system, then the PDS is correctly located and the new member shows up just fine. 

However, when the same display is issued for a cross system (changing the SYSTEM field on the 4.5.1 panel), the new DSN shows but the newest member name is not shown at all.

What is causing the problem and how to bypass it.


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Component : OPS/MVS


If CCI is used for the MSF interface, then the problem can be bypassed increasing the value of the OPSPARM  'CCIMSGQSZ' , that by default is set to 1024 .

Here the link in the OPSMVS 14.0 documentation regarding this parameter:


 So, if the problem occurs it is strongly suggested to  increase this value up (for example to 5120) by updating the OPSSPA00 member with the following:


An OPS task recycle is necessary on both the involved MSF Lpars to reallocate the CCI message buffers.  

After that, all the members are again visible.