Errors when upgrading to Operator Console 20.4 – Cumulative Update 1
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Errors when upgrading to Operator Console 20.4 – Cumulative Update 1


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Errors when upgrading to OC v20.4 – Cumulative Update 1 (CU1)

.zip file does not conform to the Nimsoft package format.

Caution: filename not matched: info.pkg

Caution: filename not matched: info.crc


  • Release: UIM v20.4
  • Upgrading OC to v20.4 CU1
  • Component: Operator Console v20.4
  • Primary Hub OS: Windows Server 2016
  • robot (controller, hdb, spooler) v9.34
  • hub v9.34
  • distsrv v9.34
  • OC wasp v20.40


  • Error occurs when trying to Import the consolidated nested zip file into the archive without extracting the contents first
  • customer support portal navigation


When trying to upgrade to Operator Console 20.4 – Cumulative Update 1, some customers are encountering a package format error message when trying to deploy the cumulative update package:

To avoid this issue, follow this process.

When you are on the Downloads page, select all of the packages by clicking the checkboxes.


Then click “Download Selected” at the TOP right-hand side of the page.


Note that when you click the button on the top right side of the customer portal page and choose “Download Selected," the downloaded package, (in this case the file name was for instance), is a true zip file that contains other nested zip files. It is NOT a Nimsoft package .zip.

Therefore, you MUST extract ALL of the packages first, before importing all of them into the Primary hub local archive via drag and drop or rt-click on the archive window and choose ‘Import.’



To ensure a successful initial / 'first-time' deployment of the oc_cumulative_update:

1. Navigate to the following location on the OC Robot machine-> ...\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\robot\pkg\inst\

2. Open the file-> installed.pkg

3. Look for the presence of this section (note there could be 1 or more instances of the section from previous version installs)

     type = ge
     version = 8.40
     build =

4. Edit the file using Notepad and carefully remove ALL instances of this section, then save the file.
    You may have to copy the file to your desktop and then drag and drop the file to overwrite it.
Then the oc_cumulative_update-20.4.1 packages should be deployed without error/issue.


Note that the OC wasp probe will turn green, but it will take a few minutes to obtain a PID and a port and fully Activate.

After wasp is up and running, Login to the Operator Console and check it.

Additional Information

In Support we have come across a few issues customers encountered during the upgrade to 20.4 CU1.
If there are any errors/failures:
  1. Check the presence of the package(s) in the Primary Hub local archive
  2. Check and compare the size of the downloaded packages listed above and make sure they are the same
  3. Set the distsrv loglevel to 5 and logsize to 5000, then try a 'cold start' of the distsrv (Deactivate-Activate). Then try the upgrade again and if you encounter the same or another error open a support case.
  4. Check the Primary hub robot (controller) log for current log activity and any error/fail/exception and if encountered, please open a support case.
***Please also note that you should NOT have to deactivate the wasp on the OC Robot before running through the upgrade process***
Also, when deploying the oc_cumulative_update package to the OC robot, if the distribution window displays:

   "Installation of section webapp failed"

Cause: There may be 1 or more webapps installed that are interfering with the installation.

In one case, we found the error was caused by the presence of some old webapps related to DCIM/dcimportlet for the ecometer probe.

While wasp was up and running, once those packages were removed via accessing the controller probe utility, and choosing inst_pkg_remove to remove each dci* related package, the oc_cumulative_update deployment was then 100% successful.
IMPORTANT UPDATE (as of March 3, 2022)

"Updated Operator Console 20.4 - Cumulative Update 1" install steps now reflect the alternate approach to mitigate any distsrv deployment issues. 

Please see the updated page:

Operator Console 20.4 - Cumulative Update 1
Deploy the package oc_cumulative_update 20.41  (CU1) to the Operator Console robot using the web-based adminconsoleapp.
This will deploy all other packages (included in the cumulative patch) automatically to the robot.


1. metapack_helper gets installed and helps in stopping/starting wasp. It gets auto-deleted once all the required webapps are deployed.

2. Deploying the package oc_cumulative_update from IM GUI is currently no longer supported and this is noted in the updated documentation.

3. You can also deploy the individual webapps to the Operator Console Robot.



Deploying oc_cumulative_update (from the adminconsoleapp) should help to avoid the issue in IM when using distsrv, including avoiding the manual effort involved in lookup and deployment of each webapp.

Also it is the recommended way as it keeps a record of the patch level of the Operator Console.

Here is an example excerpt from the automated_deployment_engine log showing a successful deployment of the CU.

[attach_socket] TRACE AutomatedDeploymentEngineProbe - ADE - get_status callback PDS dump:
JobStatus=Success, JobDescription=Automated deployment job Created at 1649285721525, EndTime=1649285725037, JobName=automated_deployment-1649285721525, StartTime=1649285721529, , JobID=f46a7ccd9f264d1a980748ef0a2eae21        StatusTable:             /<domain>/<hub>/<robot>/oc_cumulative_update: Status=Success, Type=Probe, TaskId=61, Description=, Address=/<domain>/<hub>/<robot>/oc_cumulative_update, Version=20.41, Error=, Host=/<domain>/<hub>/<robot>/, Package=oc_cumulative_update, JobID=f46a7ccd9f264d1a980748ef0a2eae21