IM - Custom Endpoint Search case-sensitive
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IM - Custom Endpoint Search case-sensitive


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CA Identity Suite


Provisioning attributes delivered through connectors built with CA Identity Manager (IM) Connector Xpress are case specific.  Is there a way to overcome this issue and make the attributes case insensitive?


Release : 14.3 CP3

Component : Identity Manager


By default when you create a custom connector through Connector Xpress, if there is no specific case setting is specified (see below), the attribute will be assigned to a general multi-string provisioning attribute (for example eTDYN-str-multi-02).

To confirm which provisioning attribute is assigned to your connector attribute, go to the Connector Xpress tools menu and select preferences.

Select "Show Extended Metadata" and click OK

Now if you review the Connector Attribute you will see there is an "extended properties" section that shows the "metadata" item name which corresponds with the provisioning attribute.

This means that the attribute content is case-sensitive and any referenced or searched data will need to be stated as it appears at the source (ie if the source is set to "James", searching for "james" who yield no results).  

If you need to reference\ search user attributes irrespective of the case (ie "James" and\ or "james") then you need to set the "Force Case" option to "Preserve".

If you change this setting you will receive a notification that "This will change the provisioning attribute name".

If you revisit the extended attributes you will see that a new Metadata item Name has been assigned (For example "eTDYN-str-multi-i-01"). The attribute name will contain a "-i" which indicates the attribute is case-insensitive.