A particular tag for a table doesn't get deleted
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A particular tag for a table doesn't get deleted


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


This is an issue I have checked and verified is happening. For a particular table, it shows a particular 'Tag' and even after deleting the tag, the tag reappears the next time. 

The team is forced to set "Do not mask" specifically for this table|Column. Something they  won't have to do and get on with their masking process without a wait. Because this requires special attention each time someone is doing the masking, the issue is considered important, as this can be a "Risk"  and can cause human error.



Release : 4.9

Component : Web Portal - PII Audit/Scan


I am sorry you were not able to attend.    Please use these three SQL statements to get to the information we are looking for:

Here are the queries for customer:

SELECT pij_job_id FROM gtrep_pii_job WHERE pij_proj_id = <project id> AND pij_proj_ver_id = <version id> AND pij_stop_date IS NOT NULL AND pij_origin = 'MODEL' ORDER BY pij_stop_date DESC

SELECT * FROM gtrep_pii_raw_match WHERE rm_job_id = <job id from previous query> AND rm_table_id = <table id>

SELECT * FROM gtrep_pii_raw_match WHERE rm_job_id = <job id> AND rm_table_id = <table id> AND rm_col_id = <column id> AND (rm_is_pii IS NULL OR rm_is_pii = 1) AND rm_tag IN ('Name')

'Name' should be replaced with the tag name but if I recall correctly it was "Name".


We will need the result set of the third SQL statement.  


TDMWeb-4.9.413.0.zip resolves his issue.