Determining Asset Families Attached to an Asset Search
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Determining Asset Families Attached to an Asset Search


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How do we tell which Asset Families are assigned to a given defined Asset Search


Release : 17.3

Component : ITAM - Other


To determine the Asset Families that are assigned to a given Asset Search, one will need to run the following SQL statement in the backend MDB database:

SELECT, FROM ca_resource_family where IN 
(SELECT al_subtype_attribute_def.attribute_value FROM al_subtype_attribute_def where al_subtype_attribute_def.subtype_id IN
 (SELECT al_search_subtype_def.subtype_id FROM al_search_subtype_def where al_search_subtype_def.search_id IN
    (SELECT al_search_def.search_id FROM al_search_def where al_search_def.title = 'XXXX')

Replace XXXX with the name of the given Search.  

The above query lists from the following tables:
ca_resource_family:  list of resource families (Asset Families)
al_subtype_attribute_def:  Subtype Attribute Definitions
al_search_subtype_def:  Search Subtype Definitions
al_search_def:  Search Definitions