View - SARSTC Task Failure Due to SARDBI01 error
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View - SARSTC Task Failure Due to SARDBI01 error


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We migrated from old database DB1 to new database DB3, and now the SARSTC is failing with below error.

"* SARDBI01 index file allocation failed for <Database> - Error=970C INFO=0000 DS=001"

Can you please guide us?



Release : 14.0

Component : View


The cause of the SARDBI01 error is because the client's ING DB1 database was derived from an acquired client's NW01 database, which exists on an inaccessible system, and the matter was exacerbated as the problem DB3 database was derived from the DB1 database.

The DB3 database was resultingly making references to the NW01 database resources, which resulted in the NW01 database index 970C dynamic allocation error. 

There was cleanup done in the DB3 database, removing the NW01 database references, and the SARSTC task was able to run and run backups as expected.