CAS is running out of disk space
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CAS is running out of disk space


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Need clean up some data from CAS disk.


The application would manage space itself and we don't have a configuration to limit log storage on disk. 

We can check a few points where a bit of clean up possible from UI.

1. Under Utilities > Troubleshooting. 

If you have any Troubleshooting logs bundles, you can delete them. These would have been created to troubleshoot a problem in past or/and provide logs to support.

Next on the same page, You may have cores files that are generated when a process gets killed due to any error. 
You can delete those as well. 

These two items are not cleaned up by applications. 

2. Delete old Packet captures 
Under Utilities > Packet Capture 

-- If you have any old packet captures, You can delete those. 

3. Clear all Cache 
Under Utilities > Cache.

I would suggest clicking on the Clear all Cache button outside production hours. This would clear all cache items in CAS, New items would be cached as they come in.

4. Remove any unused base images and scanning profiles.

Under services > Sandboxing > Symantec on-box sandboxing.

Check if you have any old unused base images and scanning profiles and remove them.

5. Remove old unnecessary files.
Content Analysis -> Utilities -> System Logs
Content Analysis -> Utilities -> Web Logs

The application manages and rotates logs, These logs are achieved with extension log.gz.

You can delete very old files from here.

Note: These would not make a very big difference in disk usage but give leg room for CAS manages disk in an optimized manner.