Fetching OTP for user (user,org)=SDK Internal error in arcotafm.log
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Fetching OTP for user (user,org)=SDK Internal error in arcotafm.log


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We are observing following error message in the arcotafm.log file.

Fetching OTP for user (user,org)=SDK Internal error

The referenced DB is restarting while AFM is running. Is there anything to do with it?
After restarting AFM, this error no longer prints.

Below is a log of the transaction in which this error occurred.

2022-03-03 11:00:35,151 [WebContainer : 0] INFO  tasks.lifecycle.CreateOTPTask(23) [] -> Instantiated CreateOTPTask with enableReissueOTP : true
2022-03-03 11:00:35,151 [WebContainer : 0] INFO  integrations.frontend.LifeCycleStateData(729) [] -> Flow type:secAuth |20220303020031.766.1e3d3bb9
2022-03-03 11:00:35,152 [WebContainer : 0] INFO  api.impl.TxnMarker(31) [] -> Txn-Begin : OP=fetch | CTxID=_AQ9U_8_227
2022-03-03 11:00:35,154 [WebContainer : 0] INFO  api.impl.TxnMarker(45) [] ->  Txn-End : OP=fetch | CTxID=_AQ9U_8_227 | STxID=SDKEXCEPTION | RC=2 | REC=0 | TOT=2 | SRT=2 | TGC=3 | TRC=0 | TWR=0 | TRD=4 | TCR=2 | RTC=0 | NCA=0 | NCB=1
2022-03-03 11:00:35,155 [WebContainer : 0] ERROR integrations.frontend.LifeCycleStateData(721) [] -> Fetching OTP for user (<user>,<org>)=SDK Internal error. |20220303020031.766.1e3d3bb9


Release : 9.1

Component :Strong Authentication

Risk Authentication


SDK Internal error happens when the ArcotAFM application could not connect to either Risk server or Strong Auth server. ArcotAFM application is nothing but SDK implementation of Risk and Strong Auth server and the Risk and Strong Auth server need to be up and running before AFM starts.

ArcotAFM application will reach out to Strong Auth and Risk Auth to do any Credential validation( OTP or any other) and Risk evaluation and if either of the service is not responding then you will see SDK internal error. 

In this case you mentioned that DB was starting so this will definitely result into this error. ArcotAFM does not directly talk to database and it only interacts with the Risk and Strong Auth server and Risk and Strong Auth directly talks to DB to complete the Credential validation or Risk evaluation.

If issue still persists please follow the KB article to stop/start the services and that will address the issue.


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