Using passphrases with IDMS
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Using passphrases with IDMS


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We are going to start using passphrases for user verification. Does IDMS support passphrases?

Can we use passwords and passphrases at the same time?



Release : 19.0

Component : IDMS/DB


IDMS 19.0 supports the use of a password phrase (passphrase) up to 100 characters  with an external security system. This was introduced with PTFs SO05694 and  SO04635.

The passphrase is an alternative form of a password that may be used for security checking by external security systems. A passphrase is a sequence of characters between 9 through 100, with the following characteristics: 

  • Single quotation marks can be used at the beginning and end of passphrases to support leading or trailing blanks.
  • Single and double quotation marks are not allowed within a passphrase. Single quotation marks can be used to delineate the boundaries of a passphrase

Both passwords and passphrases can be used at the same time.

If you have a user-written program that links to RHDCSNON to perform signon it needs to be reviewed to increase the password field to 100. An additional parameter is also needed for RHDCSNON when using passphrases, see documentation section Invoking the SIGNON Task from Programs for more details.

Additional Information

See the IDMS documentation sections Signon Security Options, What is Signon Processing? and Invoking the SIGNON Task from Programs