EZT - comparing option file values in release 11.6
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EZT - comparing option file values in release 11.6


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Easytrieve Report Generator


How may the option table values in 11.6 compatibility mode be compared with the option file values for true release 11.6 to ensure they are in sync?


Easytrieve Report Generator, Release : 11.6



First, please review 

do a find on the topic 'new options'.

Also, for this link:

please do a find on 'new options', 'modified options', and 'unsupported options'.

Once you are familiar with the new option file parameters, the new names for some of the file parameters, the option file parameters which are no longer in place for release 11.6, then please run the JOB06OP2, specifying READFILE.  This will give the values for the parameters for release 11.6.

To compare with release 6.4, please
1. Ensure that EZTPOPT from release 6.4 has been copied to release 11.6.  
2. Run ASM64OPT, leaving perhaps COMPNME specified and all of the parameter values will be provided in the listing.

Compare the two listings and decide which, if any, changes need to be made.