Artifact Download MD5 is different from the registered MD5
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Artifact Download MD5 is different from the registered MD5


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


A deployment, with artifacts is generating an error during the artifact distribution phase. The error is: 

Failed to download artifact [Artifact [<artifact definition>.<artifact type>'ver. <version>]] to retrieval agent [<retrieval agent name>]. Local agent error is [Artifact - [<artifact definition>.<artifact type>'ver. <version>]] is not set to allow modifications and it's MD5 is different from the registered MD5 for this artifacts version]


Release : 6.7



The artifact was created without the "Allow Modifications" set to true. The description of this flag's settings can be found here: ArtifactsApiDto


If you want to allow a previously deployed version of the artifact to be changed and deployed under the same "Version":

  • Navigate to Artifact Management
  • Select the appropriate Application
  • Navigate to the appropriate Artifact Type -> Artifact Definition -> Artifact Version
  • Select the checkbox "Allow Modification" 
  • Click Save


Additional Information

This option to Allow Modification, or not, is there to protect the integrity of artifacts that have been deployed elsewhere.