Supported 5.1 MySQL Databases do not match available MySQL in Azure
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Supported 5.1 MySQL Databases do not match available MySQL in Azure


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CA API Developer Portal


As apart of the process to upgrade portal 5.0.2 to 5.1, we will need to upgrade or replace existing DB with MySQL 8.0.22 or 8.0.26. We currently use Azure MySQL for 5.7, and MS is saying the latest version of MySQL 8 we can deploy is 8.0.21.

Would it still be supported to use 8.0.21?

Has this version also been tested but not publicly communicated?

What is the recommendation here? Wait until Azure can support 8.0.22 or 8.0.26, or safe to proceed with using 8.0.21?




Release : 5.1

Component : API PORTAL


You would need to update Azure mysql 5.7 to mysql 8.0.21

We can’t guarantee that 8.0.21 works with our Portal since we didn’t spend effort on testing with that mysql version.  

But by looking at the difference between 8.0.21 and 8.0.22, 8.0.22 has an added features that the portal does not use.  

In that case, the Portal should work with 8.0.21.

Dev also did a smoke test to certify Portal5.1 on Azure platform. No issues are observed so customer can go ahead

Additional Information

Compatibility matrix list version 8.0.22 and 8.0.26 as supported, however AZURE supports 8.0.21  

Will this be supported ?

Database Version

MySQL 8.0.22, 8.0.26