Can ideas be created from a template?
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Can ideas be created from a template?


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Can ideas be created from a template the same way as we do with projects?

We would like to set an idea template with financial plans, staff members ... and create new ideas from the setup idea template. Is that possible?


Starting Clarity 16.0.1 this is possible on the Modern UX

Create Ideas from Templates

This is limited to the Modern UX. This functionality is not available in Classic PPM

Additional Information

How to create an idea template in the ideas module,


  • Please go to the Ideas page, choose columns, and add "Template & status" to the list.
  • Choose the idea you want to use as a template for future ideas.
  • Make sure the idea status is either "Approved/converted" only then a user can convert it into an IDEA template. (This is a limitation).
  • Check the Template box of the idea list view.
  • Check the template section after refreshing the browser to see the updated Template.