Capacity of agent to run conncurrent jobs at a time
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Capacity of agent to run conncurrent jobs at a time


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Is there any parameter or Applications Manager's benchmark to check if running 200 simultaneous jobs are too many for Applications Manager to handle?


Release : 9.4+



Applications Manager does not have any benchmark or parameters that will tell the limit of how many jobs could be run at a time. There could be several factors that could be contributing to causing a schedule hung situation.

For example hardware specifications, OS and/or user settings, version of java system running with, java memory settings, type of processes being run at a given time, the number of concurrent processes running on the system, whether the process kicks off other executables or sub-processes.

Sometimes depending on the complexity of the jobs, only 20 Jobs could use up all the system resources. On the other hand, 1000 simple jobs could barely use up any system resources at all.

In problem situations like this java, threads point to an overloading of the schedule cycle which could chew up all system resources.

In situations like these one obvious suggestion is to spread the load out over a period of time. However, if it is required to schedule jobs at the same time because of time sensitivity and RDBMS requirements of the database, it is best to limit the max number of concurrent jobs that are eligible to run.

One other approach could be to lower the Agent and QUEUE thread schedules which have helped in problem situations like these. Lower thread schedule helps the system to manage its resources in a better way.