Capture Summary graph is not populating
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Capture Summary graph is not populating


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Security Analytics Security Analytics - VA


When logging into Security Analytics, the Capture Summary graph is not populating or shows it's loading, but never completes.


This can be caused by corruption in the database files.  If the graph does not complete, it does not mean that the appliance is not capturing.  Generate a Customer Service Report (CSR) from the Settings > System page and open a case with technical support so that the logs can be analyzed.

Try the Analyze > Summary page to see if you are able to run reports.

Additional Information

Look in the /var/log/messages file for any errors similar to the ones below.  If you see any "invalid page in block" messages, this is a good indication of database corruption.


2022-02-11T11:45:44+00:00 server_name httpd[121228]: CakePHP Error: PDOException: SQLSTATE[XX001]: Data corrupted: 7 ERROR: invalid page in block 4060 of relation base/16406/25169064 in /gui/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php:502
Stack trace:
#0 /gui/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php(502): PDOStatement->execute(Array)
#1 /gui/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php(468): DboSource->_execute('SELECT "capture...', Array)
#2 /gui/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php(715): DboSource->execute('SELECT "capture...', Array, Array)
#3 /gui/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php(641): DboSource->fetchAll('SELECT "capture...', Array)
#4 /gui/lib/Cake/Model/Model.php(3476): DboSource->query('SELECT "capture...', false)
#5 /gui/dsweb/Plugin/APIv6/Model/Capturesummary.php(210): Model->query('SELECT "capture...')
#6 /gui/dsweb/Plugin/APIv6/Controller/CapturesummariesController.php(101): APIv6\Capturesummary->getSummaries(Array)
#7 [internal function]: APIv6\CapturesummariesController->getSummaries(Array, 1624694472, '1644579941', '923')
#8 /gui/dsweb/Lib/Api.php(253): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(APIv6\CapturesummariesController), Array)
#9 /gui/dsweb/Controller/ApiController.php(109): Api::request(Array, 'GET', '/capturesummari...', Array, '6', false, Array, false, NULL)
#10 [internal function]: ApiController->index()
#11 /gui/lib/Cake/Controller/Controller.php(499): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(ApiController), Array)
#12 /gui/lib/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php(193): Controller->invokeAction(Object(CakeRequest))
#13 /gui/lib/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php(167): Dispatcher->_invoke(Object(ApiController), Object(CakeRequest))
#14 /gui/dsweb/webroot/index.php(36): Dispatcher->dispatch(Object(CakeRequest), Object(CakeResponse))