No ECDSA Key Is Known
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No ECDSA Key Is Known


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Workload Automation Agent


During a connection attempt to run a job triggered by the mainframe, the job fails for the following reasons: 

FOTS1305 No ECDSA host key is known for hostname and you have requested strict checking..
FOTS1370 Host key verification failed.. 



Release : Any

Component : Workload Automation System Agent


With "strict checking" enforced, SSH connections require the host's public host key to have existed previously in the users known_hosts file.


  1. Log in to the host originating the SSH connection.

  2. SSH to the remote host and disable strict checking. This will add the entry in the /root/.ssh/known_hosts file. 
    Note: The following command will disable strict checking one time, and will update the known_hosts file with the specified host details. All subsequent attempts will use strict checking.
    # ssh <Remote Host IP> -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no
    Warning: Permanently added '<Remove Host IP>  (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
    root@<Remove Host IP> 's password:

  3. Now, SSH to the remote host. You should see that the session is established.
    # ssh <Remote Host IP>

  4. Finally, re-run the job in question.