Does Gen supports Unicode / UTF-8 ?
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Does Gen supports Unicode / UTF-8 ?


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Does Gen supports Unicode/utf-8 for generated client/server applications with Windows GUI clients and CICS (DB2) servers over TCP/IP Gen CICS Listener


Release: 8.6

Component: Gen Runtime Distributed   



Gen does not support UTF-8 for servers on z/OS. Gen does support UTF-8 codepage for Windows GUI clients, using any supported middleware including TCP/IP.   Gen does the translation/conversion between UTF-8 and the server codepage in runtime TIRCRUNC.  Use the CEHBSAMP procedure MKCRUN to customize the codepage pairs included in TIRCRUNC as UTF-8 is not one of the default codepages included.  Once customized deploy (new copy in CICS) the new TIRCRUNC DLL. 

Note:  The MKCRUN procedure also builds the TIRXINFZ user exit that specifies the Server codepage but since that has not changed  no need to either modify or re-deploy that exit to CICS.