pu command to push package from archive
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pu command to push package from archive


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What is the pu command to deploy a archive package/probe to a server?


Component : UIM - DISTSRV


You'll need to use the job_add command.  When you type that command into your command line, it will prompt you for the needed information:

pu.exe -u administrator -p Welcome123 /domain/hub/robot/distsrv 

Command requires data:
(s) job_id     = system-2
(s) job_description = Created by: pu command
(s) package    = logmon
(s) version    = 4.11
(s) robot      = /domain/hub/robot
(d) update     = 0
(d) start_at   = 1

I used this information to build the following string:

pu -u administrator -p ####### /domain/hub/robot/distsrv job_add system-2 "Created by: pu command" logmon 4.11 /domain/hub/robot 0 1

After running this, the logmon probe was deployed to the target robot.

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